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My name is Edward Lohr. I am a Baltimore Orioles baseball team collector and have been collecting since the mid-1980s. I am mostly interested in trading, but will consider buying or selling. I have 10s of thousands of extra Orioles to trade.

What I Have To Trade

I only have baseball from the mid-1960's to the present. In general, I have a lot of singles, as well as inserts and some parallels. My trade lists are extensive, and I try to update them frequently. Having said that, I have plenty of cards to swap that are not on my trade lists.... and I will be happy to go over any want lists that you have. I'm pretty sure that I can help most traders with their Orioles collections. All cards are in Excellent to Near-Mint condition, unless otherwise indicated.

What I Collect

I'am a long time Baltimore Orioles fan. My primary collecting focus is to add Orioles cards that I don't already have to my personal collection. I am not interested in trading for bulk lots of Orioles, as I already have well over 50,000 dupes and team sets.

My Trading Policies

I don't really have any hard-and-fast rules, but the trade should be fair and agreed-upon by both parties. I usually lean on Beckett or COMC.com pricing for this, just to ensure the packages are close. Otherwise I abide by the general rules of the trading community - secure packaging and good communication. I prefer that you e-mail me before sending anything. I'm not overly concerned about commons for commons or SPs for SPs or RCs for RCs, etc. If you are, that's fine - just let me know.If you ever get a package from me that is wrong or shorted, let me know and I'll make it right.

Contact Me

Please take a look at some of my links. If you think you we make a trade, please contact me via email: BOCards2@gmail.com , or

snail mail:


509 Vogts Lane

Baltimore, MD 21221